Monday, January 26, 2015

Frosty training

Sunday, I headed west for some secret mountain training in the GW. Crossing over Afton on 64 west I noticed the tops of the mountains around me were frosty. All of the valley floor was snow and ice free, but up here the trees still looked touched by Jack Frost.
Photo credit: Mike Coco

My Lynchburg riding buddy met me at the White Oak lot, where we both noted that it was a lot warmer than we expected. 40 degrees did seem a lot warmer than the expected 30. We set out on Tillman and headed for the old school festival trail on Narrowback.

While climbing up onto the ridge, it became clear that this mountain was still frosty at the higher elevations. Patches of trees were covered in a thin coating of ice that was slowly melting. The scene was like riding through a crystal forest. A sporadic rain of ice pellets peppered the trail and our backs as we rolled across the ridge. It was very pretty and some unique riding conditions for sure!

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