Wednesday, January 21, 2015

BTS Bonus Ride

Got a call this morning from Toddy G wanting to sneak out for an early ride before the weather rolled in.  I told him the best I could do was 11am since I had a 9am meeting.  He hit me back up - see you at 11.  We decided to ride the cross bikes on the trails and Todd hooked me up by picking my bike up from the shop on his way over.  This was Toddy G's first trail ride on his cross bike and he was looking a little skeptical about rocking out Forest Hill on the skinny tires. 

After we left the house and were making the left onto Dock Street, there was a dump truck just heading in the same direction.  I yelled at Todd to jump the the back of the dump truck and proceeded to nail it in order to catch the draft.  I got a sweet tow all the way down to Shiplock Park before dipping off onto the Capital Trail.  I looked back briefly and saw Toddy G a few car lengths back.  It seems he did not quite catch the draft, all he caught was the downdraft of the truck directly in his face...  He tried to catch on the entire way, but it was not to be.  Needless to say we both started the ride with a one mean interval.

It was a fun ride over to the trails and we proceeded to run a lap of Forest Hill.  We also took some time out to discuss the VAHS race we are putting on in April.  We looked at the course layout and how we could change it from years past.  As it started to rain harder, we had to head back as Todd had a meeting and I had to get Mason early from school because she is on exam schedule. 

So it looks like Toddy G has once again taken advantage of the Bonus BTS ride!
A TCX kind of day!

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