Sunday, January 18, 2015

BTS # 4

The day started with me and the boys heading to meet up for trail work. They're 7 & 9 years old. A little young for back breaking trail work you say? Nope! These are my boys! Little Toddy Gs! They've been splittin' & stackin' firewood with me for a good 2 years now! So I knew they were up for the challenge. They jumped right in there, got in front of the trail cutters and started gathering trash into bags. So much trash bottles, cans, bags, papers, old clothes, pots, pans, broken dishes, hub caps, cell phones, broken lawn chairs, even a hand gun!!! Thankfully someone else discovered that!!! It was  quite obvious that someone thought that this hillside was their own personal garbage dump!!!The boys were appalled by all the trash. River my oldest son asked me "Papi why do people throw all their trash in the woods"? I had no answer for him.

They worked hard filling bags with trash and dragging them up the hillside to the stone wall. They had the trail site cleaned up in a little over an hour. Next they both eagerly grabbed a rogue ax and started bench cutting the trail in.

They worked like champs for a solid 4 hours, and seemed genuinely excited about soon being able to ride this very trail they were helping to build. They even asked to come back next weekend and do more trail work.

The showing of volunteers on Saturday was pretty awesome! The trail was totally cut in when we left to ride at 1:00. Paulito showed up with like 20 pizzas and was still working when we left to ride!!!

On to the riding!!! We left out of the Reedy creek parking lot and headed east on Buttermilk. River and Bluesky were proudly sporting their new jerseys. We then headed over to Bell Isle of course to hit the skills park. River doesn't shy away from the techy challenges and always insist on trying the rock garden under the service road bridge.

We then rode around on all the trails up top. I was pretty sure after working 4 hours and riding what they already had that they would want to take the service road back to Reedy creek. Nope! Even though it meant carrying their bikes back up the stair tower(their bikes are heavier than mine) they wanted to "ride the trails"!!! So we did and I couldn't have been prouder of them. BTS #4 was an awesome day for the Green boys. So much that we'll be glad to host it again next weekend!!!

Call out to the team next week bring it!!! Work & ride after!!! If these boys can do it can't you!!!???

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